Be Inspired: Barry Dixon’s Favorite Things

Barry Dixon’s Favorite Things

We asked Barry Dixon to assemble a few of his favorite things that inspire him every day. From his childhood and worldly travels to his Virginia farm, see what inspires Barry:

Barry Dixon Shelfie

“The My Book House series of children’s books were read by multiple generations of my family and never fail to take me back to the magical world of my childhood. Photos and portraits of family and pets, now gone but always loved and remembered, remind me of life’s blessings. Nature’s “treasures”…seed pods, feathers, fungi, box turtle shells, hummingbird’s nests…all found on walks on my Virginia farm, underscore the beauty of nature, as does my grotesquely beautiful collection of Pallisy ware ceramics that I adore. Brown and white transfer ware plates and platters were a gift from my beloved parents and depict scenes of “the hunt,” and look lovely when paired with my favorite antique basalt ware. Georgian period glassware comes alive, filled with the efforts of my  Araucana, Cochin, Marans and Rhode Island Red hens. The two silver rings, gifts from the two great loves of my life, remind me that love is eternal. The old cocoa tin in the Spanish art glass compote was where my favorite Southern grandmother hid her “mad money.” The rare Peter Pan Portfolio, a gift from the heart of a new gone loved one, is a true treasure of original Arthur Rackham illustrations…such an inspiration! The Chinese tiger “pillow,” from a 2000 year old tomb, like the Victorian nutcracker, the 19th century French brass frog candle holder and the 18th century duck cream ware gravy boat all celebrate one of my favorite things – the timeless whimsy of the natural world around us.”

~ Barry Darr Dixon

See Barry’s new fabrics and trimmings for Vervain online and in your local Showroom.

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Be Interactive: It’s All in the Details…Product Details!

It’s All in the Details…Product Details

Our NEW Product Details page provides valuable product information in an easy-to-read layout.

Product Details

Plus, with just a click you can:

  • Order a Memo – the Memo icon changes color to denote you’ve ordered a memo.OrderMemo


  • Zoom on the Product Image – click on the image to view it at a larger scale.ZoomDetails
  • Download the Image – click the Down Arrow icon to download the product image to your computer.DownloadImage
  • Check Stock – when you are logged-in, you’ll see the Amount in Stock or click the Check Stock icon to see the bolt quantities. If no stock is currently available, you’ll see the estimated backorder delivery date or a prompt to call Customer Service for more information. CheckStock
  • Place an Order – click on the Shopping Cart icon to order yardage; notice how the cart icon changed color to denote an item is in your cart?PlaceOrder
  • See all additional Colorways available – scroll down to see this pattern’s additional colorways. Click on the colorway’s image see its classification and stock details.AdditionalColors

This page also gives you all the technical data on the pattern (content, repeat size, double rubs, book date, etc.) and classifications (Use, Color, Scale, Design Type and Collection) information. The classification information on the far right is hyper linked; click on the Collection or Book information to see all patterns within that Collection or Book or find more patterns within the same Design Type.


You’ll see the same Product Detail information – technical data, classification, pricing and stock information – in the My Account portal and the Quick Order/Check Stock option.



Next Highlight: Tool Tips Key


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Be Inspired: Design Bloggers Conference 2015

We’re excited to announce that Fabricut, Vervain and Trend will be sponsors for the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta, February 25 – 27, 2015. Join us as we introduce product from our licensee collections: Isabelle de Borchgrave wallcovering for Fabricut, Nate Berkus for Fabricut, Barry Dixon for Vervain and Vern Yip for Trend.

IdBorchgrave Wallcovering C (detail)Last year, Fabricut and Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave introduced a fabrics and trimmings collection to the home furnishings industry. Inspired by her love of textiles, history and fashion, Isabelle and Fabricut transform her dramatic, hand-painted paper dresses and original art into an eclectic offering of prints, wovens, embroideries and trimmings arranged into three vibrant color palettes. This season, we’ve added a wallcovering collection to the mix, offering more exciting design possibilities.


Nate’s inaugural fabric collection is a true reflection of his design aesthetic and philosophies. The patterns, textures and colors were all designed to layer and work together. Building on the success of his first collection, Nate and his team have created a second collection of unique and exciting fabrics, all within the prism of Nate’s signature look. Sophisticated with modern lines and ethnic accents, Nate Berkus Color – Volume II is divided into three distinct color palettes (Canyon, Gemstone and Tuxedo) that continue to layer with his first collection.


Vervain-Barry-Dixon-Fabric-CollectionKnown for a distinct aesthetic that blends warm and hospitable Southern design with global influences, Barry Dixon spent his childhood all over the world, an upbringing which left a lasting impression in how he lives and creates. His inaugural fabric and trim collection for Vervain focuses on crossing boundaries, a theme synonymous in his inspirations and designs. Continuing in the success of his first collection, Barry’s focus remains on creating interior spaces that cross the boundaries of geography, time, space, pattern and color, while bridging the past with the present and inspiring a vision for the future.


Inspired by his world travels and background in architecture, Trend collaborates with interior designer and HGTV personality Vern Yip to create an eclectic and inviting collection of fabrics and trimmings. Vern Yip’s global aesthetic, paired with his precise and clean lines, has set him apart as a leading trendsetter. The environments he creates are always warm, timeless, and effortlessly livable. Vern’s extraordinary technique, dynamic personality, and sophisticated style have made him a nationally acclaimed interior designer, columnist, and TV superstar.


Stop by and drop off a business card for a chance to win an invitation to a private dinner with Vern Yip on Thursday, February 26, a Vern Yip candle or an autographed Barry Dixon book! We’re excited to be a part of the Design Bloggers Conference and look forward to connecting with you in Atlanta!

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Be Inspired: Spring 2015 Product Preview

This season, Fabricut and its family of brands is proud to introduce new collections of fabrics, trimmings, wallcoverings and decorative drapery hardware, including one licensee collection.

Fabricut unveils five new fabric collections including: Statement Sheers, Belfast – Volume IV, Classic Cotton – Volume IV, Color Studio Chenilles – Volume III and Velvet Lounge. Fabricut also expands its decorative drapery hardware offerings with functionality and new finishes.

Color Studio Chenilles III_Bolivia-Paprika

Color Studio Chenilles – Vol. III: Bolivia – Paprika

Velvet Lounge_Nirvana-Aubergine

Velvet Lounge: Nirvana – Aubergine

Fabricut is excited to announce a second collection of fabrics and trimmings with interior designer, Charlotte Moss! Below is a preview of her three color palettes, Deep Coral, Canvas and Watercolor:


Charlotte Moss for Fabricut: Menton – Coral


Charlotte Moss for Fabricut Trim

For more previews on Fabricut’s collections, visit the Facebook page here.

Trend reveals four new collections including: Ethereal Cottons, Thoughtful Textures, Sleek Satin – Volume II and Woven Library.

Sleek Satin_02022

Sleek Satin: 02022

Stroheim adds a new collection of sheers, enhanced with a hint of metallic shimmer and shine.

Brushed Metal Sheers_Chios-Gold

Brushed Metal Sheers: Chios – Gold

Brushed Metal Sheers_Salamis-Brushed Metal

Brushed Metal Sheers: Salamis – Brushed Metal

Vervain’s latest collection includes new sheers and wovens from Barry Dixon along with elegant prints and velvets.

BD_Tunisian Brocade-Fieldstone

Barry Dixon for Vervain: Tunisian Brocade – Fieldstone


Biancara – Garden

S. Harris introduces Wanderlust, a new, modern fabric collection that is inspired by travel and new cultures.


Blockage – Urban

Brushstroke Velvet-Silver Lake

Brushstroke Velvet – Silver Lake

For more previews on Stroheim, Vervain and S. Harris, visit the Facebook page here.

We hope you’re excited for the new fabric, trimming, and decorative drapery hardware collections coming soon to the Fabricut family!

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Be Trend: Vern Yip for Trend – Grey/Charcoal

41135An unobtrusive collection that contrasts and enhances, Vern Yip for Trend’s Grey/Charcoal color story blends with other hues to create a quiet impact throughout interior spaces. A fresh vision of the classic neutrals, this color palette adds a timeless personality into tranquil spaces including modern, global and updated traditional.

View the Grey/Charcoal color book and more of the Vern Yip for Trend collection online at


Side Table Lamp Shade: 03358 – Grey / 03315 – Elephant (trim); Round Lamp Shade: 03354 – Pewter / 03314 – Elephant (trim); Table Runner: 03369 – Charcoal / 03317 – Elephant (trim).


Duvet Front: 03366 – Black / 03319 – Pewter (trim); Duvet Back: 03350 – Charcoal; Euro Shams: 03350 – Charcoal / 03324 – Charcoal (trim); Standard Shams: 03354 – Pewter / 03314 – Gold (trim); 18” Throw Pillows: 03359 – Pewter / 03314 – Gold (trim) / 03319 – Pewter (detail); 20” Throw Pillows: 03186 – Grey / 03314 – Elephant (trim) / 03318 – Elephant (detail).

Top Image:
Drapery: 03364 – Black / 03324 – Charcoal (trim); Lamp Shades: 03364 – Black / 03315 – Poppy (trim); Oval Drum Pendant: 03356 – Black / 03314 – Poppy (trim); Table Runner: 03365 – Black / 03322 – Pewter (trim).

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